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    Issue with printing an Indesign PDF


      Hi all,


      I'm just getting into the InDesign software, picking new stuff up everyday.  So far, so good! Or so I thought...


      I've just created a small handout / brochure which I've converted to PDF.  The problem I'm having is that when I print the PDF it creates an opaque white box on every page in the same place. I've googled it and can't seem to find anything to solve it - the only thing that slightly married up to my issue was to do with the image clipping paths, but I didn't set any to begin with.  All images are currently JPG's that have been "placed" in and are set to a 30% transparency.


      I'm thinking of just doing a long winded trial and error by removing all images and seeing if that's what's causing the problem.  Unfortunately I have to do so on one machine, transfer it to another just to print to find out if that's the case.  Which is annoying...


      Any help would be most appreciated!