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    Tracking a chroma-key area


      Hi all,


      I'm pretty new in the Premiere world (and special effects), so excuse me if my question is stupid


      I'm currently playing with chroma key functions, and it works pretty well for simple stuff (changing the background where I am talking for example).


      But is there a simple way (= without setting a keyframe on every frame of my movie) to hold a little green square in my hands (i'm face to camera, so it's a real 2D square), and then keying a video inside this square (after a scale down of the keyed video to fit the square area), and then track the square's moves so that the keyed video move along with the square ?


      My second question is the same question, but this time if I want to move my square on z axis (so there will be a 3D translation of the keyed movie)




      Thank you