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    Add a Dissolve to Favourites

    andi_urra Level 1

      Hi, this seems odd, but I cannot find a way to add a dissolve, e.g. "Dip to White" to my favourites, i.e. presets.


      Am I missing something?




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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Do you mean save a transition as a preset? If so, you can't do that. Ask for that here: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          You can add a transition to a custom effects bin, though. Just create a new custom bin (in the Effects panel) and then drag the transition you want into it. It's simply a copy/link to the original transition; you can't save any custom parameters (e.g. duration) for the transition.

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            andi_urra Level 1

            Hi Colin, thank you very much. That was what I was looking for. I had tried to drag them into the Presets folder. This did not work. I had totally forgotten about the option to create custom folders.


            I will add a feature request for adding them to the presets, though. So that it should be possible to have default lengths and other parameters available.



            Thanks and regards,