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    Esign and EchoSign and your future plans


      It has been difficult to not be noticed by the incorporation of EchoSign with Adobe.

      I have been watching the esign.adobe.com for information saying if and how this will effect Esign.


      Due to the low number of replies in this forum I have thought you there working with Esign has been very occupied by the EchoSign business.


      That is probably not my business and I am not expecting you to answer that but it would be nice to have some info about

      what are your plans for Esign.

      In my opinion a valuable product. The time stamp is exellent and there are other suggestions from this community that makes this an even more valuable product.


      So with the background of the


      the low reply rate

      this community has been contributing for a year

      and a good beta product,

      what are your plans.