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    Problem with photos' colors




      I have a problem with colors of photos which I'm using in a. InDesign document.


      I've created a 20 page catalog, with first and last pages for the front and back of the cover. I placed one photo on the first page and second on the last page. When I opened them earlier on in Photoshop they were matching perfectly, so I figured that it will be the same in InDesign. When I placed them in Indesign it turned out that the photo on the first page has a different color saturation (lower) than the one on the last page. It looks as if the first page was converted to CMYK and the last page was still in RGB mode (the photos were initially in RGB).


      I decided to change the color preferences of the photos in photoshop to CMYK and saved thm again for InDesign, but it didn't help (I also checked all of the doc and color preferences in InDesign and all looked fine). It seems that colors are different on the last page only. Is it possible that it has a different color preferences set up? I'm a new InDesign user and I would be gratefull for You help :-)