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    APC Smart-UPS shutdown scripts for Adobe software.

    screeen Level 1

      Recently i purchased and am now using an APC Smart-UPS 1500VA USB & Serial 230V for my desktop computer. This UPS is meant to gracefully shut down my programs in the case of power failure, or rather, it's supposed to shutdown my OS in that case, but NOT my Adobe software.

      The way this works is via the APC PowerChute software, which enables a shutdown sequence, which provide a default command file.


      It may be possible to gracefully shutdown Adobe programs if i had a script for that purpose, so, i am wondering, is anyone aware of a script as such?



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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I do not know if this would help but I use a key logging program for some automation.  It could easily shut down one or more Adobe programs and it can be triggered by your choice of key strokes like for instance Ctrl-Shif-F11, would APC's shutdown accept something like that.  The specific progam that I use is called KeyText

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            screeen Level 1

            Hi Bill.


            At this time the new Smart-UPS software is fully failing my system - no communication between it and Darling - my one and only desktop, because they sent out a copy of PowerChute Business Edition Deluxe which is good for servers (in the sense of a series of computers,) which requires an SMTP server IP and the default ( is failing and so is the one similar to my network IP.


            So, the APC tech folks here in Israel have offered to test an alternative software on a system like mine (64bit Windows 7), but that may take a bit of time.


            APC is quite a disappointment, particularly the international help portal.



            In any case, thanks  for MJMSoft, I will look at it and let you know. At the APC forum i have been instructed to write a a single line command file that would call a multi line command file (considering that i am using the PowerChute Business Edition).


            So, if and when they straighten out the software issue for my system by replacing it as promised, may be i ought to post my query in a another Adobe sub forum. So, if you are aware of an additional forum for my query, possibly a place where programming folks reside, then please let me know.


            And thanks again:)

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              Possibly you are way overworking how you set up the UPS. I've not done it personally, but I understand that you can simply plug in your APC Smart-UPS UPS into your PC with a USB cable and then configure Win7 to trigger a hibernate (doesn't even need to shut down programs) or graceful shut-down.



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                screeen Level 1

                oh. So how do you program windows to trigger hybernate?

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                  mikeklar Level 1

                  I'm looking forward to read more here on how to get PowerChute to work.  In my case it will crash on all attempts so far to get it loaded, never mind getting to your stage of closing programs properly.

                  Other than that and having lifted its 50 pounds into an awkward location it gives me a sense of comfort

                  You're right APC's customer service leaves a lot to be desired.



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                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    See this:



                    My version of PowerChute automatically hibernates before it shuts down the computer.

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                      screeen Level 1

                      In fact i dislike hybernate mode, would prefer a complete shutdown in the case of power failure so, to configure that in Windows click the electricity icon at the bottom right of your screen (in the taskbar) & go to More Power Options, there - hit Change When Computer Sleeps, there hit Change Advanced Power Settings, there - go to the bottom of the list, to Battery, click the plus sign, click Critical battery action, then click On battery and select Shut down (or whatever), and still under Battery, go down to Critical battery level and click On battery and use 10%


                      I've been told that, and agree with Bill and in the hope that Windows is trustworthy to shut down your computer for you, even without the PowerCHute software installed during power failure, the UPS will give you a bit of time for Windows to shut down gracefully if you configure it as above.


                      Otherwise, i did manage to get the shutdown code, but it needs to be placed correctly in the directory - so, create a text file, save it as a .bat file, write this


                      C:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00



                      dont double-click that file because it will shutdown your OS, rather, to Edit it, right-click+Edit.




                      At first it was NOT working for me because APC mislead you in saying you need to use quotation marks in the code, and because i had the code wrong - i.e i didnt write the directory bit of the code accurately. That bit depends on your OS and disk setup.


                      The PowerChute sofware however, is presenting issues - it keeps showing a disconnection between the UPS and computer, so that script is quite useless....


                      good luck.

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                        JEShort01 Level 4

                        This thread inspired me to get PowerChute installed and working properly. Here's what I did:


                        1. Loaded PowerChute 9.0.1 "Windows Agent" (don't installed the other two options, server and client, if you only have a single workstation)
                        2. Set Server Shutdown/Shutdown Settings/Configure/OS Shutdown Type = Hibernate; I also disabled the audible alarm in the configuation settings as it drives me crazy


                        It works fantastic too! I initiated a test UPS shutdown with one project playing the timeline and another project being rendered using the Media Encoder and everything woke up perfectly after a reboot.





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                          screeen Level 1

                          great for you, for me - NO good.


                          I got version 9.0 of PowerChute Business Edition Deluxe, that's what came

                          with the machine, and APC does NOT have any other software online. And when

                          i installed only Agent - there was no interface to interact with:(


                          with the Console and Server installed, i can interact with the software

                          interface - the console, but every so often during the day i get a question

                          mark next to Darling and the UPS, and a notification about Communication


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                            screeen Level 1

                            yes, i know. The question, considering that you only installed Agent, while

                            Console is the program interface - how do you interact with the program, to

                            set your Device Properties, Shutdown behavior, for example?


                            I chatted with APC UK about this and the agent seemed to believe it was

                            possible to install only Agent, however, when that's done, there's no

                            Console - the very interface for the program.

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                              JEShort01 Level 4

                              Seems APC's USA support team is better informed! Or possibly both of our calls when to the same international support team and I just happened to talk to a wiser technician.


                              Just do it, it works. I can start "Agent Web Interface" from Start/All Programs/APC PowerChute Business Edition menu, log on, and then access all the features, including "Server Shutdown/Shutdown Settings/Configure".



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                                screeen Level 1

                                Jim, thanks for telling me the route to Agent Web Interface via the Start

                                menu, i had it there all along, just didnt know it. Am quite embaressed.


                                Nevertheless, i might stick with the Console and not do the web browser

                                option, because more secure than going via the web? i need to think about

                                that a bit more...


                                Plus, there's the communication lose issue, which is apparent via the

                                console, which suggests that the software will NOT behave in accordance with

                                my choice of Device Property settings.


                                Not sure how the Web Agent shows communication. Maybe you can tell me?


                                thanks again.

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                                  JEShort01 Level 4

                                  Not sure how it works, but console is indeed a "web-browser" interface. I had a much older version that supports WinXP, but not Win7, and it did not use a web-browser interface; I liked that better, but according to APC, they only have the browser interface now.

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                                    screeen Level 1

                                    Well, the browser interface does NOT actually go via the internet, it's a

                                    connection to and from one's own computer - I realized, but checked, by

                                    turning off wireless connection and going into the Agent Web interface



                                    I am actually quite familiar with the Console interface, but not with this

                                    Webbrowser Agent interface, so, i'm uncertain about how it identifies

                                    whether there is or is NOT a communication/connection between the

                                    motherboard in the UPS (re the shutdown settings) and my computer.


                                    And sorry to keep reiterating myself, i am concerned about

                                    discommunication because in that case, the settings for power failure, which

                                    i selected, such as - stall a bit to allow me to save work in case of power

                                    failure - will fail too. Windows, i assume, will do the job, i.e. shut down

                                    or hibernate, but in the case of shutdown, i'll loose work, and in the case

                                    of hibernate, i really dont know, am fully ignorant about hibernate mode, we

                                    didnt have that with Macs....:)