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    After Effects CS4 error during render


      The error appearing is as follows...


      After Effects: AEGP Plugin Media IO Plugin:

      Unknown Error!

      MediaIO2 error: 0x4

      Not enough memory to complete this encoding

      ( 5027 :: 12 )


      Now, my computer memory is very poor (1.98 GB RAM), however, I do not believe this is the issue as I have tried rendering the exact same file on my other computer with 8.00 GB RAM, but the same error occurs.


      I am completely baffled with why this error may be occuring, I have tried many ways to try and stop this. Such as...

      1. Changed the "RAM to leave for other Applications" to 0.25 GB
      2. Enabled Multiprocessing
      3. Enabled Disk Cashe and to a size of 10,000 GB
      4. Installed the latest update of After Effects CS4
      5. Tried changing After Effects CS4's priority and affinity using Task Manager
      6. Tried rendering with only After Effects opened with all other applications closed
      7. Rendering with different output modules rather ".wmv", such as ".avi" etc.
      8. Changed the video size from 856x480 to 428x240 etc.
      9. I have tried rendering different sections of the video to avoid the parts where it has previously failed to render, however, it is continuing to crash and fail regardless of the section


      The project I am rendering is rather large (4 Minute File), consisting of atleast 1 GB worth of imported video (.wmv) and images (.png) etc. However, before today, rendering was never problem and my renders would always run smoothly without crashing, so i'm completely unsure on what the possible change is and what could resolve the issue.


      Thank you, all help is appreciated!