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    Flash Pro becomes slow ... fast


      Hey all,


      I've been having an incredibly frustrating situation with Flash. If i use the program for about 15-20 minutes, it slows down considerably. Selecting a new tool can take upwards of 5 seconds to register. Moving anywhere on the timeline will be the same. Using the pencil or brush tool doesn't register right away, so if i draw a curved line, whatever i drew for the 1st second will be a straight line (and the rest will follow accurately, but lagging behind my digital pen). And playing anything in the timeline will go from my set 12 frames a second down to 4.


      This will happen to documents that have a library full of pngs and documents that have nothing but the one frame i am drawing in. I have tried running Flash in different compatibility modes, and tried the trial of Flash CS 5.5. The problem will relieve itself when i close flash and reopen it, but only lasts for another 15-20 minutes.


      I am running Flash CS5 in Windows 7 on a Lenovo X220 tablet PC. I have 8gb of ram and intel i7 sandybridge for graphics and video. I've monitored my Task Manager and the CPU doesn't really spike, or exceed more than 25% at any given moment. Flash will start acting this way when it's memory hits around 350,000k, but really, i can open a document and just wait 15 minutes and it will be slow, despite me not doing anything in the program. If i have any other windows open, nothing else runs slow.  I do not have this problem with any other adobe software. I have drawn in Photoshop for hours, and used premiere for long bursts of time as well. Any advice would be most welcome. (also the computer is relatively new, so i don't have any new fonts installed or too much on my hard drive.) Thanks in advance.

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          Do you have something else running in the background such as virus scan? If yes, can you please temporarily disable it to see if this issue is resolved?


          Also, with a document open in Flash, can you please look in Task Manager to see which process is active (memory going up and down rapidly)?




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            I do not have any virus protection on. Haven't gotten around to putting one in. As far anything's memory jumping around, nothing is moving out of the ordinary. Nothing else seems effected by flash doing anything. Only Flash's memory goes up streadily when i start doing anything active in Flash. Also if it matters or not, Adobe's updater (adobe application manager) has not connected on this computer. It always says "The update sever is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the internet or firewall settings may be incorrect. Please try again later. Error Code: U41M1C212"


            I have tried turning off my windows firewall, but updater still doesn't run. I have, however, downloaded the newest version of flash cs5 from adobe's website. Version I don't know if that is a clue or not to what could be going wrong.

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              It is possible that the updater is trying to connect and it slows everything down. One user from another forum (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2630022) posted the solution to fix the "Update Server not responding" issue. Can we please try this?


              1. Open Network and Sharing Center
              2. Click Change adapter settings
              3. Right-click the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, and click Disable.
              4. Open Flash Pro and Help > Check for Updates


              Please let me know if this works.




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                Well this fixed my updater problem. I updated everything in the CS5 suite, and i still have the slow down problem. It is slightly lessened. Before i could open a file up, wait 20 minutes, and come back to it already being slow, without me touching the document. Now i can wait much longer without touching it, and have it work properly. However, after working on any kind of document for about the same length (best case scenario, i have an extra 5-10 minutes maybe) the program slows down again, and near unusable. Could this have anything to do with the fact i am on a Lenovo computer? I couldn't seem to find folks with similar issues on similar models of lenovo, but maybe others have seen this.

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                  Here is a very small update. I thought the issue would be somehow connected to how much memory Flash was using. IE: going above 400,000k would be when it also gets slow. I have been fiddling with Lenovo's power settings and such a small amount, and had Flash stay below 300,000k for awhile before it still got unusably slow. So it almost seems like there is a time limit with Flash being open, or perhaps Flash interacting with something else for a certain amount of time, or certain tools being used for long enough until Flash can't keep up with me.


                  I generally use flash for animation and illustration. I hand animate each frame. Which is generally a time consuming activity, but flash has tools that make the process go much quicker. But after about 20 minutes (and seemingly less as of late) it gets so i am using the erase tool (faucet) and taking out unwanted lines but waiting for them to disappear longer than it takes me to move onto the next soon-to-be-deleted mark. I have used flash in this way for more than 10x the amount of time i can presently on older machines and older versions of flash. Any suggestions would be overly appreciated. 

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                    It is odd that you're running into this issue when Flash is not even close to 400,000K. While testing, I have pushed Flash way over 1,000,000K and there is no visible slow down on my system. I am also running window 7. Can you please check your virtual memory? Open System Properties > Advanced tab > Settings button under Performance section. Look at the virtual memory number in the Advanced tab of the Performance Options dialog.


                    The only other thing that I can think of is to delete your user configuration and recreate your preferences files.


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                      pudnukker Level 1

                      neither of these worked. I bumped my virtual memory from 8000 to between 12000-16000.


                      Then i deleted all the preference things, and restarted flash, and still runs slow. (though i dont know if it matters, i couldnt find the file located at C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashAuthor.cfg. It didnt exist in that location, and as far as i could search the file wasn't on my computer)


                      I appreciate all the ideas you float passed me.

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                        Okay, i think (for now) the problem has been resolved. It came about during another frustration bout with the program. One of the 1st things i tried when this 1st started happening was messing with the compatibility. Now i am not saying what i did fixed this... in fact more than likely one of the tricks that were attempted in this forum probably worked, but this last thing was preventing flash from operating correctly.


                        I went back to my old laptop, also with CS5 on it, and it runs with half as much ram and Vista, but runs flash fine. So i went to my new laptop, changed the compatibility from Win7 to Vista ... and the various service pack editions, to no such luck. So i went back to being in compatibility for Win7 BUT instead of selecting windows 7, i deselected the check box saying "Run this program in compatibility mode for" so that windows 7 was grayed out. As soon as i did that and immediately opened Flash, i was hand animating for a few hours with nary a hiccup. So as for now, that is the current solution, or the final step mixed with all the other great ideas given. Thanks again for the help for the last few weeks.