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    Hunspell Dictionaries and ID5.5


      I'm trying to get a custom Hunspell dictionary to work with ID5.5, but I don't see how I can add a custom dictionary. I have a copy of the en_gb_oed dictionary, which flags up most "-ise" endings in British as being incorrect (this is Oxford spelling; but it's analyse, not analyze as in the US).


      I think I've found the UK dictionaries, in:


      /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Linguistics/5.5/Providers/Plugins2/AdobeHunspellPlugin.bundle/Contents/Shar edSupport/Dictionaries/en_GB/


      - does anyone know if I can just replace the .dic and .aff files there with my custom ones? If there is a better way I'd like to know! The "Preferences | Dictionary | Add User Dictionary" is, I believe, the wrong thing (as I don't want to add a user dictionary but use a full dictionary.


      I can't find any documentation, on this…