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    renaming multiple comps


      Hi, as i already marekd my other post as correctly answered i thought i might have a better chance by starting a new one


      I need to rename multiple selected comps with a number prefix and a name eg.


      001 searchlight

      002 searchlight



      Is there any script that does that for me? I only found a comp renamer that can crop the "comp#" part...


      Would be great if somone had an idea, because it is really time consuming if i do that by hand...

      (the best thing would be if all my comps in one folder would get #number# foldername)


      thx in advance



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Don't think that this specific case exists, but of course scripts are editable text files, so they could be modified... If this is for a serious production/ TV station daily work or whatever, I'm sure you can contact one of the script guys and have them modify it to your needs for a fee...