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    Indesign save file problem

    xmlapi Level 1

      This is in C# 4.0 (supports optional parameters etc). It's Indesign Server 7.0 with all the patches installed. Directory permissions are correct. Indesign clearly states it supports C# and Java.


      public static void Save(Document d, string filePath = "")


          if( string.IsNullOrEmpty(filePath) )










      Document template1 = OpenTemplate1();

      Save(template1, "c:\test\template2.indd");  //Assume Template1.indd is originally located in "c:\templates\" folder



      This throws the error (randomly, sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't)

      Cannot save "template2.indd" under a new name.
      (Error code: 1).


      HOWEVER, this works fine:





      There's technically no difference in the method call or inline code. So how come it threw an error?


      We also experience a long list of issues with Indesign, random exceptions. This product is highly unstable for production environment. Should have gone with a professional tool like Quark.