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    Non-functioning booksmarks when exporting with Acrobat X


      Using InDesign CS5, I export my book documents to PDF Print and include bookmarks and hyperlinks. This has been working just fine using Acrobat Standard, and the person reading the document can navigate through the pages using either the document's Table of Contents or the Adobe bookmarks panel. I recently upgraded to Acrobat Pro X, and now this function no longer works properly. When you click on any Table of Contents bookmark, they all take you to the first page of the document. In addition, the bookmarks in the Adobe bookmark panel do not work at all. When I look at the bookmark properties, they all point to p0.  It is possible to manually reset the properties of the Adobe panel bookmarks, but not the TOC, but this is time consuming and doesn't solve the problem. Besides removing Acrobat Pro X from my computer, has anyone found another solution for this problem?