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    HELP - No video feed when Downloaded from Youtube through Real Player to APE 9


      I have imported videos from Youtube in the past for adobe premier elements 2 using Real Player and an FLV converter...

      Now that I have a program up to date, I seem to not need the FLV converter but am using Real Player to download a video from youtube and then place it into my "new project."

      I dragged the video to the audio/video1 bars and hit play after clicking on the screen to get rid of the "add title page." I hear audio but there is NO VIDEO feed until I hit stop, then it shows the frame of the clip it is currently on. It's like it's playing the video in the background somewhere behind the screen.


      I'm up to date with quicktime but I am also getting the "Incompatible display driver" message before opening my project (possible issue?)


      How do I view the video I have uploaded and maintain audio?