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    How to enable push notifications when updating viewer?

    jblay-design Level 1

      Okay, I have a few questions.


      I'm about to update the app that we created under the PreRelease program and I ran into a couple of snags and I am not sure where to go.


      Question 1: In the Viewer Builder>Viewer Details screen - How do I find out which viewer version I previously used? It lists only v13 and v14.


      Question 2-A: Viewer Builder>Certificates - I'd like to enable push notifications but it's asking for APNS Certificates. What are APNS Certificates and how do I create/get them?


      Question 2-B: Along with enabling push notifications do I just need to create a new mobile provisioning file or renew the one I had? Or do I need to create all new Dev and Dist. P12 certificates as well as creating a new provisioning file?


      This is all a little confusing. Thanks!