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    Run Custom Code - Appearing


      Hi All,


      I've been working in Flash Cat for a while and now I'm having a fairly serious issue.  One of my components has developed a problem that apparently can only be fixed in Flash Builder.  So I reverted to an earlier version of the FXP and have noticed that a lot of my interactions now say "Run Custom Code". I don't use FlashBuilder, all my interactions have been generated solely in Flash Cat.  Can anyone help me fix this and let me know how to avoid this in the future?  By the looks, I have lost about 3 days worth of work by reverting to an earlier version.


      Thanks a million.



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          burgstrom Level 1

          OK So I've reverted even further back and managed salvage some work last night.  I save the Project, shut down, go home.  This morning I come into work, and load up the FXP I saved last night.  Now ALL my interactions are showing "Run Custom Code"!  This is a bit of a disaster and I would appreciate some help in how to work around this!  If you have any inkling at all on how I might prevent this then I would very much appreciate you replying to this post!


          Thanks in advance