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    Go to scene in parent from loaded SWF.


      I've been producing Flash websites for a couple of years now and I've come across a small problem that I can't figure out by Googling, so this is my first post in a forum. I hope I'm clear in what my dilemma is...

      Alright, here it goes:

      I've got my main SWF that has three buttons that, when clicked, jump to that scene. 3 buttons, 3 separate scenes.

      About Us — Studio Facilities — Contact

      But it also has four photographers names above that.

      When you click on a photographers name, it loads their folio into level 1 completely covering what is in level 0. That swf also has 3 buttons;

      About Us — Studio Facilities — Contact

      So when the folio SWF has loaded I want it possible for me to click on, say, Contact, and it will close the swf in level 1 and jump to scene Contact in the parent, which is on level 0.

      Example here; http://coinmultimedia.com/THG/index.html Click on the logo (The Heaven Group) to get to the main menu, then click on a photographer. Once the photographers slide show has loaded, you'll notice the three buttons i was talking about, top right; 'About Us' etc. I just want the folio to close then jump to that scene in the parent.

      If anyone could help that would be awesome!