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    How do I put all my seperate video files into one DVD?

    GORY Pumpkin

      Hey friends,


      Toby here again, thanks so much for giving me hint to the scroll bar, I've finished putting the audio into the video as well as the effects.


      Which means my movie's almost complete!


      However, while I await the music from my composers to be completed to put in the film for story-telling depth, I need help again.


      I have edited my movie into four seperate windows with this program, and I'm currently trying to figure out how I can put all of it together or all of it into one DVD because I need to watch and make sure the footage's video matches with the audio so it doesn't seem like a Godzilla dubbing or something.


      Give me as much suggestions as you could possibly give me, and thank you kindly for your time!