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    Data Management Services with Cairngorm 2.1


      I have been using cairngorm 2.0 for a while, and I am now trying to convert the 2.1 stuff over, including using cairngorm to manage my DataServices. However I have some questions about it if you have used it.

      Using the command, and passing the command into the delegate, and then firing the service from the delegate, there is a problem trying to catch faults. Even though I have a fault method defined on my command, and I am setting up the responder on the delegate as the command which called it, the fault handler is not being fired. I am generating a runtime exception on the java assembler just to see what happens, and the delegate never fires the fault handler.

      However if I remove the runtime excpetion from the java assembler, and put a simple alert on the result, the delegate sends to the commands result function, and the alert fires.

      If you have any code examples, even if they dont have the actual assembler behind them, I would really appreciate it. I dont know if you are supposed to define commands which call DataServices the same way you would declare a command that calls a RemoteObject. If so how do you do that? What do you declare on the command to get it to work?

      If you have any ideas, please help.