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    Placed SWF does not Autoplay anymore?!?!?

    Petteri_Paananen Level 4



      I just noticed that Placed SWF´s are not autoplaying anymore. They use to do that just fine.... anyone knows whats going on?


      I have


      MacOS X 10.6

      Flash Player 11

      InDesign CS5

      When I placed SWF animation to layout, defined it to Autoplay and Poster from Current Frame... exported as SWF, Generate html checked.... and open html to FireFox or Safari, SWF is not autoplaying, there´s only a lowres poster image visible and I can´t make it play even if I click it. I also tried to make a play button for playing it, but it didn´t work either. If I open SWF directly to Flash Player, it works as it should. And if I open html-wrapper to Google Chrome, it also works as it should. So it seems to be firefox/safari issue... is this a problem with Windows as well? Or is it Flash Player issue?


      This practically makes placing SWF files to indesign quite useless.


      Check one sample here:



      Banner in first page should autoplay. I got it work only with Chrome.

      Is it autoplaying with windows, or other Flash Player versions?


      Any other tricks how to solve this?