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    How can a user duplicate or lengthen a form as required?




      I'm a total newbie at all this, so please bear with me...  I took a 2 day course in Livecycle, trying to replace our Excel documents that are currently

      being used for ECO's (engineering change orders).  The forms must be filled out, then distributed for signatures.  Actually, a link is sent out for people to sign them.  I need to know how the user can change the 4 page form by duplicating pages or lengthening some pages as they are filling in the info.

      ECO's can be two pages or they can be 20 pages long.  I have made a beautiful 4 page form that replaces what we have, but the user needs to be able to copy and/or expand the pages.




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          Pin Zhang

          You may use subforms to replicate a set of form fields. Hope the following help content helps:



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            lorance1960 Level 1

            This may well work, but is waaaay over my head and confusing.  I have no idea if this is something done at the design phase

            or something users can do, in which case it's really too much.  Right now the form I am recreating (Engineering Change Order - ECO)

            is one that we were using created as an excel file.  With the excel file, each different sheet  has a tab, and they can be copied with a simple

            click if more than one of a page is required.  The ECO form has several different pages, a cover page, a page to list documents affected, a Bill of Material change page (the most common to be used multiple times in an ECO) and a page for drawings/attachments.  The duplication of pages is something that needs to be able to be done by users having Adobe Reader only.

            The only way I think it will work (with my very limited knowledge on this) is to create each page individually and then gather them when filled out in a portfolio for distribution and sign off.  I will "distribute" the completed forms the same way I am doing it now, putting the filled out form on a server and sending a link to the portfolio to all who are required to sign it off.