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    Dragging/Sliding Clips in Timeline:  audio doesn't "slide" under other audio tracks


      Moving from FCP to PP and have a timeline question.

      I have 2 video tracks, two stereo tracks and 4 mono tracks in my timeline.

      What I'm considering here is video track 1 with its one corresponding stereo audio track 1. The other video and audio tracks are empty for the moment.

      When I grab a clip and slide it over to the right, e.g, its corresponding stereo audio track overwrites the audio of the next clip, remaining on audio track 1, while the video track "slides" above the video track to its right, taking its place on video track 2, which is what I'd expect.

      I can't figure out a way to ensure that the corresponding audio track "slides under" audio track 1 and takes its place on audio track 2, thereby avoiding
      the overwrite of the existing audio on audio track 1.

      This is what I've been used to in FCP and would appreciate your help.