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    Chad Kopec Level 1

      Hello, All-


      I'm looking to purchase some new capture hardware (my old Blackmagic Multibridge is getting flaky), and am torn between the HDX-SDI and a Decklink HD Extreme 3D.  I love the potential of the MOTU box, but want to know if anyone here as any experience with it.


      My primary concern is monitoring from the timeline.  My Multibridge is extremely picky about what it will play back from the timeline.  It won't play any XDCAM-EX or CineForm footage, for example (both of which are crucial to my workflow).  If I'm understanding the capabilities of the MOTU box correctly, it should play anything Premiere will play, provided you've got the horsepower to push it.


      I love the MOTU's timecode display, massive audio options, and external mount.  But I'm afraid of driver support (it took over a year from the product's release for Windows drivers to become available).  I love the Decklink's wide software support (Adobe, Fusion, Nuke, etc.).  But I've been less than impressed with my Multibridge.


      In short, is the MOTU as great as it looks on paper?



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          Frédéric Segard Level 2

          I can't comment on the MOTU, as I don't have any experience with their video products. MOTU is renowned for their audio interfaces. But quite honestly, I'd stick with Blackmagic or AJA for your I/O device. It's more standard, supported, and tried and tested.


          Just because your Multibridge is problematic, is no reason to think all Blackmagic products are flaky. Is it still under warranty? I'm getting a Decklink Extreme 3D with my new system coming in soon. I've had but great feedback from it.  I previously owned an AJA Kona card a few years back, and that too is great. It's a tad more expensive, but has fantastic support.

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            Chad Kopec Level 1

            Hello, Frederic-  Thanks for the reply.


            I agree with your conclusion, but I'm still just not sure (I think I just really want the HDX-SDI to work!).  My Multibridge is far out of warranty (and actually made two trips back to BM for repair while still under warranty, so I may just have a lemon), and given my past troubles I'm hesitant to throw good money after bad.


            In any case, I have to replace my old box with something. So I think I'll just buy the MOTU HDX-SDI, put it through it's paces with every kind of media I can throw at it, and if it doesn't hold up I'll return it for the Decklink card.


            I actually tried the AJA LHi a little over a year ago, and it performed worse than the Multibridge.  It was brand new and the drivers were terrible, so it may have improved.  It still left a bad taste in my mouth, though.  It's funny how none of the "tried and true" cards have been able to solve my problems-  Like most editors, I look to Blackmagic and AJA products first.  But neither have given me reliable results.  If I'm editing uncompressed or DVCProHD footage, they both work fine.  Unfortunately, most of my projects these days are using Sony XDCAM footage and neither seem to handle it well.  Same with CineForm (although I think AJA has ironed out the problems with the CineForm workflow).


            Who knows, maybe I'm crazy for trusting MOTU.  But then, they said I was crazy to leave Avid for Premiere.

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              I, too, purchased a BM Multibridge Pro about 2 years ago..... I sent it back for repairs, BM sent a new unit (so Multibridge lemons must exist). The new unit works one day and then does not work the next... I experience too many blue screens of death, (Win 7, 64 bit, Intel i7 950@ 3.07 GHz, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 3400 driving 4 monitors)... from reading this post, I am currently downloading Premiere 5.5 latest update.

              I am considering the MOTU unit, as I need firewire support (I currently use two Sony HVR-M25U decks). I have been trying to capture using the Sony HDMI out to the MultiBridge HDMI in... works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't..... very frustrating. I want to spend my time editing, not trouble shooting.