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    Premiere Pro CS5 -capture settings for canon 30f/24f?

    Chris Bland

      Latley I have been using a canon xha1 for some simple work projects. I am new to the HDV workflow, and I am very thrown off by the XHA1 formats and how to properly capture them.


      I have not been able to find the proper way to set up a sequence for 30f settings. Knowing that the 30f is not really progressive which settings should I use. (also what would the proper settings be for 24f?)


      PP CS5 seems to have the Canon XF MPEG2 presets. as well as the standard HDV settings. Below is a screen shot of what I assume I should be capturing with.


      Lets say the footage is 30f. Which of the following should I use. Or is it netiher due to the 30f being interlaced. Any help would be grealty appreciated.


      (Premiere Pro CS5 on windows 7)