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    Make animation changing perspective ???


      Hey guys!

      I'm from Brazil and just registered in this forum! I love photoshop  and after effects, and I needed to do one animation that has to change  its  perspective. It's like that:

      Make animation changing perspective ???-wolf1.jpgMake animation changing perspective ???-wolf2.jpg

      I have the wolf's mouth as a layer, and I change its  perspective to  open it more. My problem is that I needed to make an  animation of this,  so I just needed to keyframe this change of  pespective, so that I  could generate all the frames to make an animation  of the mouth  opening!!

      I couldn't find a way to do this. In Photoshop I can easily change the perspection, but can't keyframe it, and in After Effects, I would maybe be able to keyframe this, but couldn't dinf an easy way to change perspective.

      Someone has a clue on how to do that ??