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    Remote controling a MC for a menu

      This one is really difficult to explain. I will do my best.

      I have a webpage that loads a swf file which has a MC (parent) that has actionscript in it that onEnterFrame loads a MC (B) into an empty MC (C). MC (B) has a menu that goes to different sections within itself. On another webpage I have a swf file with buttons, and I want to be able to click on a button that will load the first html page with the MC (A) and also go to a section of MC (A) right away. I just do not know how to target a section of a MC that is loaded in an empty MC on another page.
      I hope that makes some sence.

      Is there a way to have a flash button goto a URL with flash on it, and open another flash file in an empty MC and go into that file at a certain point?

      I wish I knew how to describe this better.