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    Flash Pro v 11.5 won't load graphics from saved .fla

    Max Linux

      I have downloaded the latest flash pro cs5.5 package and installed it on 3 different windows XP machines and I get the same bad result.  This is Flash Pro on  XP SP3.


      I made a small slideshow swf consisting of two jpeg images and nothing else.  No music or other bells or whistles.  Just 2 images converted to symbols, some keyframe/tween definitions with altered alpha channels.  The slideshow runs perfectly and as I expect.


      I save the slideshow as a .fla file.  I need to add some more functionality from this plateau to show that the product can do what we need to the boss.


      When I later load this .fla file,  I don't see my graphics on the stage anymore.  I right-click on the images and click on the option in the dialog to update the images.  I see that the white stage now has the image I expected.  When I close the dialog that lets me update the image flash pro abends and I get the crash dialog from microsoft.


      Why can I make this slideshow and have it run perfectly, save it successfully (so I think) and then it won't load properly or let me work on it after one save?


      I physically called customer support which would not help me.  I must have gotten Nancy Pelosi for support because they wanted to make me buy the package so I could find out what was in it that was causing the problem.  I think my boss would have some sharp instructions for me if I had the company spend close to a grand for something that does not work in the first place.


      I have updated the software when the system  tray tells me to,  I have installed the software multiple times on one of the machines.  No matter,  I get the same result in every case.  I thought the software was a full version for 30 days trial but I am now wondering if it is a lameware version that needs purchasing before it will work completely.


      Can anyone help me?  I searched the forums (and the internet) and could find no mention of this problem.  I find that hard to understand when I get it so consistently.