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    Using external reference png files


      Hello everyone!


      I've been requested to create a flash project in which all images are external references.


      Images (mostly png) are created and can be modified anytime by artists, fla files and actionscript are created by developers. When opening a fla file, images should be automatically updated with the latest ones on the server and be visible in the fla file.


      Technical requirements are as follow : Actionscript 2.0 and Flash player 9 max.


      I tried to use the Loader component, it seems to be what I want (with Autoload function enabled), but unfortunately ActionScript 2.0 component doesn't allow png files, and doesn't work anymore when embedded inside a movieclip or a button (image became totally invisible).


      A simpler solution should be to automatically run the "Update" button on every image in the library but I don't think Flash to be able to do such a thing...


      Do you know another way to achieve this? I didn't find any documentation...