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    Can't use toolbar, right-click menu or hyperlinks


      For some reason when I open a PDF, the bottom toolbar that fades in and out does not function at all. I can't click the save, print, zoom, next page buttons. Also,  when you right click on the PDF, the menu appears in a different spot than where you clicked.  I also have the issue that I cannot click any hyperlinks in the PDF. When I hold my mouse over them, it rapidly switches between the text editing mouse icon and the finger hand mouse icon.. I have also noticed that when you try to move the fading toolbar, that the toolbar you have clicked and started to drag appears far above/below where the mouse is.


      I have tried playing with many of the settings in the Edit > Preferences panel, with no luck on any of the. I have also fully uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader X with no luck. I have tried opening the PDF on multiple other computers and they can all open and function properly. I am not using a work around by downloading the PDF and using the actual Adobe Reader rather than the IE version. (I have also tried opening the PDF in FireFox and it too has the same issue.)  Any suggests would be great, I have no clue what else to do! Thank you in advanced