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    Splitting up one Composition into smaller individual compositions


      Basically, I have one composition filled with my entire video. However, I have now decided I would prefer to split up this composition into a bunch of smaller compositions, however, not by pre-composing the specific clips then dragging them into a new comp (as I may still want to go back and edit things such as text etc).


      So is there a way to move specific files in my composition into another composition whilst including all of it's color corrections and effects etc. (without pre-composing them).


      Why am I doing this?

      Basically, my After Effects consistently crashes during opening the project, RAM previews, Rendering and much more. Now, I've tried many things and nothing has stopped my after effects from crashing. I'm assuming that this is because my project consists of over 30 video files (each of approximately 50MB size), and this is too much for my After Effects to handle as my computer is very low on RAM and Processor. So my idea is, transfer this one composition into smaller individual compositions, and then transfer the compositions to different projects, and then work on each smaller section of the video in a different project, so After effects doesn't have to handle too much. However, I don't want to have to pre-compose the clips when making them into an individual composition as then I won't be able to tweak things. I also don't want to have to redo that part of the video as that would be too time consuming.


      Thank you and all help appreciated!


      P.S. Don't worry about trying to think of any solutions for why it mite be crashing, I'm 98% sure it's too many videos, as I've tested using my After effects with smaller projects and it works perfectly :-D

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          You're "pre-composing" one way or another, anyway, no matter whether you use the built-in function for it or methods like copy&paste of layers along with their effects to a new comp. The rest is really not making much sense. Sounds like the typical unstructured approach where everything is just one huge comp and now it's getting you in a pinch when a little thinking before starting the project probably could have saved you a ton of trouble.... (no offense). Or in other words: The lack of structure and possibly you not fully understanding the meaning of "pre-composing" and other intricacies of AE's rendering model prevent you from using it to your advantage rather than having it work against you... The weakness of your system may contribute to these issues, but it's really not the critical point here.