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    Shape Data in PDFs converted from Visio


      In a blurb about converting Visio files to PDF (on the Adobe side) it mentions the ability to access layers and custom data as data objects.  On the Visio side, when you convert via PDFMaker, you do get the option to include custom data in the resulting PDF. Cool.


      I was able to write a script that creates a button and turns on and off layers that were brought over from the Visio file.  Also cool.  What I can't do is access any of the custom data.


      1) On the Visio side (using Visio 2010 fwiw), I add Shape Data to a shape.  (I create several custom properties and assign them values).

      2) I convert to PDF, checking that "include custom data as data objects" option

      3) I open the PDF in Acrobat Pro X

      4) Open up the Javascript Debugger

      5) try to access ANY data objects in the document and I get NULL, with the following snippet:



      I've tried many things with no luck, but I feel this basic step should be successfull.

      What is interesting is that I can:


      1) Open my PDF

      2) Use the Edit Object tool in Acrobat

      3) Right click the shape that has the custom properties I setup in Visio

      4) Select Properties >> Tag >> Edit Tag

      5) I get a "Tag Element" tree that I can expand

      6) I expand "/A <<Dictionary>>"

      7) Under "/O /UserProperties" I expand "/P [Array]"

      8) ...and there I can see my custom properties as separate tree nodes.  I can SEE them, I just don't know how to access this info programmatically.


      If anybody read this far, can you help???