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    Errors on CS4 After effects


      Hi Im Chan and Im a student


      Ive just started using After effects, but sadly my computer only has 32bit windows therfore I can only used CS4 after effects, even though the rest of my programmes are CS5.


      I understand to use AE you need to import videos to work with, but my AE keeps giving me an error and I cant begin to work. Just about everything has an error, I cant import things from bridge either.


      This may be a ammature question, but have a clicked something worng for this to happen?

      2. Is there a problem with working accross CS4 and 5?

      3. Should I re-install AE again?


      Thanks for your time 

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Let's cut it short: You have installed some rubbish CoDec pack like K-Lite or alternate media player and it's messing up your system video CoDecs. That's why nothing works. Other than that CS4 and CS5 don't have any problems with a peaceful coexistance. You need to get rid of that garbage. That's all there is to it. After that reinstalling AE might actually work...