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    is there a bug with Lock Track

    nefl777 Level 1

      Hi all, I was going along fine adding video to a timeline where the audio track was locked by me.

      I wanted to then add audio and video to the end, so I unlocked the audio track.


      Suddenly, I can't "insert" as I normally have been doing which is by clicking on the 'insert' icon in the source window. I do have a bonified start and end marker.. It does nothing. I tried dragging the clip to the workspace window and a small circle with slash appeared (meaning can't do that). I then dragged the clip to the timeline at the end and it went ok.


      however, now some cmds are not working like "fn ^" go to next edit point. The workspace bar is also not on top of my timeline like before.


      Is there a bug somewhere here ? what can I do about it ?


      thanks guys!

      (PPO 5.5)