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    How do I resolve ADE download error?


      Tried for hours and hours yesterday to download ADE so I can read free ebooks from my Hawaii State Library system.  I always got as far as the "install" screen and then it would hang, say there was a download error, and ask me if I wanted to try again.   Well, trying again never helped.  It looked like the program never fully installed, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  I tried using different browsers other than Firefox ... Internet Explorer and Chrome.  Downloaded Adobe Flash.   Made sure I was loggin-in.  Made sure that I authorized the computer.  Nothing resolved it.


      Contacted customer support and they said since the program is free, that will be $39 for phone support which I declined.   Alternatively, they said try here or read the blogs, but I don't see an on-point thread.


      This is a brand new HP laptop running Windows 7.  I'm kind of shocked it's this hard to download an Adobe program, and especially shocked that when I called Adobe (and waited and waited), it's only pay-as-you-go support.  Called Hawaii State Library librarian and she said bring in your machine, they don't have WiFi but she'd try to help.  She also didn't seem to know that Adobe doesn't give live support except for a $39 fee.  Later I tried LiveChat and that led nowhere.  Again, the chat staff sent me to this blog.  Or, file a report with Tech Support but either the chat person doesn't understand the menu headings or they just broad-brush the names ... in any event, I got discouraged when her directions to Tech Support didn't actually get me to a "type in the problem" screen.   Seems like they just give general answers, like try another browser, most or all of which I tried.


      I've never tried ebooks but I've never owned a laptop or used WiFi before, so there's a first time for everything, right?  Out of curiosity, I looked at Kindle and that downloaded in about 60 seconds with no issues.  But I don't want to buy books, just get what my tax dollars already paid for through the library system.


      I'm wondering if I need to take down the Windows firewall or turn my anti-virus off.  Anybody have any suggestions?  Thanks for any help you can offer, I'm about to abandon my pursuit of ebooks unless it's that Gutenberg Project free books, that was simple and straightforward.  I was able to download ADE on my PC a week or so ago, but I was only able to do that by calling Adobe Support and obtaining an Adobe user name and password.  I don't remember what else they told me to do, but it worked.  A PC is not portable, though, and I bought this laptop to travel with and hopefully avoid lugging 10 pounds of guidebooks everywhere.  Looking back, not sure why the first Adobe Support person offered free support but the second didn't ...


      Enough rambling!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Your problem sounds much like the one that caused another user to get an

          'error 2038', which relates to connectivity to the server.  Win 7 is a

          different animal from XP, and has some 'undocumented' features that

          'compliment' the documented ones concerning firewall access.  Here's what

          she found, and how she resolved her connectivity issues:


          "I got Error # 2038, too. I had tried reinstalling, rebooting, deleting

          folders, cleaning registry, deleting and reactiving, even more.  However, I

          was able to fix it, so I thought I would share.  I have found that Error #

          2038 means that something is blocking ADE access to the port or server where

          your ebook is.  It seems a simple thing, it was my firewall in WIN 7 giving

          me the problem. The firewall appears to be off but was actually still on.

          WIN 7 has different firewall settings. There are 2 ways that worked for me.

          In Windows Control panel, System & Security, Firewall, it showed me 2

          different firewalls, one called Home or Work (Private) and the other called

          Network. I turned them both off … but it still would not download my ebook.

          This is where I was stuck.  Option 1. (safer) On the left side there’s a

          link for “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”. I went

          there, where it shows a list of programs with boxes to check off for

          “Home/Work (Private)” and “Public”. As Digital Editions wasn’t there for me

          to choose, I clicked on Allow Another Program. Another pop up box still

          didn’t show it, so I had to browse for it. Once found, I was able to add it

          to the list and checked both the “Home/Private” and “Public” boxes.  Option

          2. Still in Control Panel, System & Security, Firewall, click on Advanced

          Settings on the left. This area showed my Firewall was still on. I clicked

          on “Windows Firewall Properties” which brought me to a choice of 4 tabs,

          Domain Profile, Private Profile, Public Profile and IPSec Settings. My

          Private and Public firewall was off (which showed in Control Panel) but the

          Domain Profile Firewall was still on (missing that little tidbit of info in

          Control Panel Firewall). I clicked on Firewall State: OFF.  Bingo, I could

          then download my ebook. As I had done Option 2 first, I tried keeping the

          firewall Domain Profile ON and allowing Digital Editions access as a

          program. That worked, and as that’s safer, that’s where I’ve left it.  I

          hope this works for someone else having trouble with this error #2038."


          I hope this helps you!



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            You can find the stand-alone installer at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishing.html (scroll down to the bottom in the tools section).


            Good Luck.

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              stevemolmen Level 1

              Thank you, Jim Lester, for trying to help.  I downloaded that file and ran it, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything ...  When I ran the program it gave me a long list of menu items.  Some were examples, some said launch something.  So I clicked on all the launch items and nothing happened.  Or maybe it did, but I didn't bother to tell me.  But at the end of the day, I still can't read any of the ebooks I downloaded from the library.  As I click on each book, it says "license expired" although according to the State library system, I have all the books into September.


              Since you work for Adobe, let me just repeat that it shouldn't be this hard ... How long has Windows 7 been out?  I thought it was a year-and-a-half, or maybe just since January.  But I would think that Abobe and Microsoft would have gotten on the same page by now.  After all, I downloaded Kindle in about one minute.


              I'll write about what else I tried to "frustrated in AZ".


              Jim_Lester <forums@adobe.com> wrote:

              You can find the stand-alone installer at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishing.html (scroll down to the bottom in the tools section).


              Good Luck.


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                stevemolmen Level 1

                Thank you, Frustrated in AZ, you must be a very kind soul to volunteer all of this information to an anonymous person.  Very much appreciated.


                So, I followed all of those very detailed instructions.  As described, even though it appears that after you take down the firewall in Windows 7 in both the Home/Private and the Public boxes, that still doesn't do it.  You have to go into the Advanced Settings, which I did, to take down the Domain Profile Firewall.  And ADE was there so I checked it to allow it through the firewall, I didn't have to browse for it...


                Still, that doesn't seem to have changed anything.  When I clicked on the install button, I got the same error as before, although it does not say "error 2038", it says exactly "A download error occurred.  Try to download again?  Retry  Cancel"   So I tried to download it again 15 or so times, with no change.  (Query: Does persistance pay off?  Should you not stop at 15 times, or 499 times, because the 500th time you might get lucky?  Is life not short?)


                I tried some more techniques ... For example, it looks like the library knows that I've downloaded 5 ebooks, because they show up on my account.  There was a "view certificate" button for each book I hadn't clicked on.  Clicking on that allowed me to authorize each book.  However, ADE (if it's actually there and running) still doesn't recognize any books ("0" books borrowed).  And when I tried to click on each book, it goes through a bunch of screens automatically and ends up with each book saying "license expired."


                Saturday morning has been wasted trying to get free library books.  Adobe Tech wrote and wants me to give them a detailed list of everything I've tried.  That would take me about 50 hours to write out the 8 hours or so of struggle, so I'm not sure that's worth my time.  I may still take the State librarian up on looking at my computer so she can see if you can't solve it.  But they have no WiFi at the library, so I'm not real hopeful.


                Anyway,  I'm not inclined to put more time and energy into solving what should be a simple exercise... Looks to me like Windows 7 and ADE are oil and water.  However, let me repeat that your effort to help me is very much appreciated and improves my image of mankind, so it's not all bad.

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                  stevemolmen Level 1

                  In Windows 7 I went through Programs - Troubleshooting and it said digitaledions.exe was an "incompatible application."  The Details didn't say much.

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                    stevemolmen Level 1

                    Sorry, hit enter and ended the last thread abruptly.


                    So ... there is information in details under Detection Details.  There it says "Make older programs run in this version of Windows" and there's one that says Package Version 1.5 and another at 1.0.  So, I guess I can try running the program in other versions.  Will try that ...

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                      stevemolmen Level 1

                      No luck ...


                      Did try downloading another library book to see if anything has changed.  As usual, got the message that the book's "license expired" which is consistent with all past attempts.  But I don't think this is a library error, since when I was able to get ADE to work on my PC I never had problems with any license being expired.  And the library says all my books are authorized into September.  It's the ADE screen that's saying the license is expired, the library system has all these books on My Bookshelf.

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                        stevemolmen Level 1

                        My last experiment was to look at the five books on My Bookshelf on my PC, where I got (free) phone support from Adobe, where ADE is running with no issues, and which is also Windows 7.  There was only one of the five books from the library account downloaded to the PC where I could read it, so I proceeded to download the other 4 just to see if I'd get "license expired."  Nope, everything worked fine.  So, that suggests the issue with the laptop is still solely that ADE hasn't downloaded properly, or maybe at all, or that it's an "incompatible application" like the laptop's program troubleshooter states.   I don't recall what Adobe phone support told me to do to get the PC download ADE, except that they set me up with an Adobe ID and password.  Once I did that on the PC, everything worked fine.  On the laptop, I've logged on with that ID and password at various times, and when I go to Adobe.com now, it seems to recognize me without asking me to log in ... I mean it welcomes me by name and doesn't hesitate letting me try to download ADE.  It just always hangs ... even with all firewalls taken down.


                        So... the mystery  continues.  And I'm out of ideas again.  I guess I could go back and try different browsers again but switching from Firefox (my usual browser) to IE or Chrome produced no different results six days ago when I started on this quest, so that seems like a waste of time ...


                        Why does my Windows 7 PC have no problems with ADE, but my Windows 7 laptop says it an incompatible application?  They're both almost new machines, the PC is about 16 months old and the laptop is not even 1 month old.  Can't be resources.  Oh well, time to watch the LLWS ...

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                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                          Hmmm...  Jim Lester was part of the team that wrote ADE.  His knowledge of

                          ADE exceeds mine by far, and I appreciate very much that he takes the time

                          to try to help.


                          I agree that there's something about Win 7 that either is confused about ADE

                          or requires some reconfiguration in order to work smoothly with it.  I hoped

                          that the experiences of the user whom I quoted would be the 'magic bullet'

                          for you.  However, if Win 7 reports ADE as an 'incompatible application',

                          I'm stumped.  Microsoft (curse their heart) does what they want to to make

                          sure that their releases are backward compatible with software - and I can't

                          imagine that Adobe applications would not be written in such a way that they

                          would require certain unique features of Windows that might not be supported

                          in the future.  That's just not the way it's done in the software world.


                          It appears from your posts that almost anything you try is stymied by some

                          additional (almost random) wierd problem.  I have lots of experience with

                          software over my 35 or so years in IT, but I've not seen anything like

                          this.  From other posts, I gathered that the only issues with ADE related to

                          the firewall and so I'm stumped on what to do next.  You can try to

                          uninstall ADE and remove all traces of it, set Win 7's firewall and then try

                          to install it again.  However, you'll need to talk with Adobe about

                          approaching their limit on attempts at activation.  You might visit

                          Microsoft's Win 7 blogs and see if anyone over there has ideas on settings

                          that would affect ADE.  But don't forget the famous saying:  "The definition

                          of 'insanity' is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different



                          You should be commended for your determination and efforts to get this

                          'mess' sorted out.  You're a  trailblazer and your experiences will no doubt

                          help others when we find out which bits needed to be tweaked.  I wish I had

                          better answers....



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                            Jim_Lester Level 4

                            "As I click on each book, it says "license expired" although according to the State library system, I have all the books into September."


                            Well if you got to this point, then you are past the download error and on to something else.  Most likely it is saying the the .acsm files have expired.  If you go to the Library website and download new links you should get a bit farther.


                            "Since you work for Adobe, let me just repeat that it shouldn't be this hard .."


                            I don't work for Adobe (anymore - you'll notice a lack of employee badging).

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                              stevemolmen Level 1

                              My long answer has gone missing so I'll try again abridged...


                              Thanks to you two, Frustratred and Jim Lester, for trying ... But my laptop's ADE has never shown any books.  It has a scorecard of books borrowed, purchased, etc. and all numbers have been "0".  But when I look at My Bookshelf for my library account, it shows five books borrowed.  It's just when I click on them to download them to the laptop that I get "licensed expired."  Switch to my PC, the books are there, no license had expired.


                              Tried a new, sixth book downloaded to the laptop.  For a moment the scorecard says "1", then it scolls through some screens and says "license expired."  Check the PC and the book is there, I download it and can read it just fine.


                              Go to Windows program troubleshooting, check ADE and it still says "incompatible application."


                              I still believe the issue is a conflict with my Windows 7 settings that won't let me download ADE fully...


                              Will try uninstalling ADE again and reinstalling ... that's it for ideas for now.  But thanks, again, this experiment is bucking up against my travel plans, and I've got to move on ...

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                                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                Try one other thing while you're at it: check and reset your computer's

                                date, time and time zone.  When you get a 'license expired' message, I've

                                found it means that the computation that ADE went through on the borrowed

                                books indicates to it that the date and time for your book's loan to expire

                                has passed.  Sometimes, it's the big things that gum up the works -

                                sometimes it's the little things.



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                                  stevemolmen Level 1

                                  Back From the Future


                                  I've been on the travel road, but I would like to compliment Frustrated and Jim Lester from correctly pointing out my error - I just couldn't see it.


                                  I discovered that I had set the clock on my new laptop to a date of 2021 instead of 2011.  That's why I always received a "license expired" hang error when trying to download ebooks.


                                  Looking back, Adobe might have been more helpful when trying to explain why I couldn't download ADE - it could have just said "license expired" or some other time reference ... that might have been another prompt to check my computer settings.


                                  Anyway, this turned out to be simple user error - and even though I implied that "I've tried all that" I just missed checking the year setting.   So ... my bad, as they say.


                                  Adobe Tech Support also offered phone support, but that was about 2 weeks into my trial and error.  In the end, it's my fault but I still believe that a live person would have been a quicker route to resolving a simple problem.


                                  ADE is working for me.  Thanks again to Frustrated and Jim Lester for going out of their way to help another person