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    Open GL crash weirdness


      I got an open GL crash today. I went through all the adobe troubleshooting tips for Open GL crashes (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405948.html). It seemed to help for a little bit, but it started crashing again. The strange thing is I have two Nvidia GeForce GT 120 cards and I'm getting the same crash on both cards. I turned off Open GL preview and everthing is fine. Any suggestions? I updated drivers for the cards, purged caches, etc. etc. Is it possible both of my cards crapped out? Is there some other issue at hand? It just came up today and I am day to day working professional....I am running CS 5.5 on Mac OS 10.6.8 Quad Core Xeon 32GB Ram......Thanks....

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          cowboymustache Level 1

          I also have had some issues working in MAYA when I try to do a playblast or bake an animation where I see garbage pixels outside of the working window and then MAYA won't allow me to save the file I'm working on and I just have to quit...Those seem like they could be functions handled on the card. Like I said, it was just out of the blue, and of course, right in the middle of deadlines on two big projects....

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            cowboymustache Level 1

            The Nvidia driver issue that seemed to be happening with CS 5 10.6.4 seems to be exactly what I am having but I have 10.6.8 and CS 5.5.


            Issue Here:




            Any work arounds? Anybody else having this issue?


            Working without open GL sucks, but is better then not working at all.


            Is there a different video card on the market that anybody would suggest? I am in the market anyway...I do mainly working in MAYA and AE, I know the graphic cards have come along from two years ago...

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Open GL is okay to use in AE when previewing.  About 95% of the time, it can really screw up rendering, so nobody uses Open GL to accelerate rendering.  That includes Adobe employees who check this forum regularly and who would have no qualms about saying I was wrong.

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                cowboymustache Level 1

                I do only use it for preview, not render. After updating to 10.6.8 on CS 5.5 I am getting crashes in After Effects if I have open GL preview on, similar to an issue with AE CS 5 that was widely reported when Mac 10.6.4 came out. I do have the most current drivers from Nvidia. Also, it seems to be a direct conflict with AE. When I had open GL on in After Effects, it was effecting playblasts and render previews in MAYA as well as crashes in After Effects. When I turned off the open GL in AE, I do not get the crashes in MAYA OR After Effects....Has anybody else had this problem? I am going to reinstall the Nvidia drivers again. They came out spefically for 10.6.8...