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    Preview comparions "MPEG I Frame & P2"

    lasvideo Level 4

      I had some revisions on the motocross piece and decided to compare the preview options in the sequence setting. The length was now 1:45 and the timeline still had a lot of assorted effects and 2 5sec. AE DL clips. The sequence is Custom 1920 x 1080 1.0 PAR and 29.97.


      1. MPEG I Frame -  Rendering during the editorial process was brisk. I found in the images displayed in the small right Program window  looked good. But when I expanded it using the grave key the image fell apart a little,That was not a surprise, but it made color correcting and dealing with image anomalies and nuances a little hard to judge. The final export was 7 min.


      2. P2 (the only other choice I had) - Rendering in the editorial process was a little slower than above. The image looked great in the Program window and also when expanded with the grave key. It made critical judgements on imagery much easier. The final export (using previews) was about 7:30 minutes.


      Since I mastered to Prores, I wonder how much faster export using previews would have been if Prores was another choice in the Preview menu? All in all an interesting experiment. I might opt for P2 preview in certain situations .