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    Media Encoder turns audio into white noise!

    Lightning adman

      I'm running CS5.5 on an intel Mac 10.6.5, and i have been having problems encoding to flv.


      All my videos are edited the same way, and using the same formats etc,   yet recently I have found that when converting to .flv, some will work fine, and others will have the audio replaced by white noise.


      I cannot figure out what the problem could be. I have also tried using the CS5 version and that is having the same issues.



      Checking through the video specs, it appears that the one difference is that the ones which worked fine are all Apple ProRes 422 HQ files, and the ones which failed are Apple 10bit Uncompressed.  The strange thing is the audio is the same for both.  Yet when the encode problem happens, the video for both is fine, its just the audio where the problem appears.



      Anyone else seen this problem?  or better still have a solution?



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          Lightning adman Level 1

          I've answered it myself.


          The problem relates to using Uncompressed 10bit movie files...seems the CS5 versions have a problem handling the audio on these. The solution for me was to run the files through Compressor first and change them to Apple ProRes422, before running them through AME.


          works every time now!


          now if only i could find the bug report form....

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