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    StageVideo and rectangle creates borders


      I am implementing StageVideo to my videoplayer and have run into the following little problem;


      When i draw the rectangle for the stagevideo, it appears to sometimes add white top, right or left side borders


      I add the element like this:


      private function resize ():void       
                          sv.viewPort = new Rectangle(0,0,sv.videoWidth,sv.videoHeight);       

      and call resize after the RENDER event


      I have not added any visual elements to the application whatsoever, it's a simple application that initiates netconnection, netstream, plays and attaches stagevideo.


      notice the white border on the left hand side of this screenshot from video playback. If I change the rectangle parameters to 0,0,this.width,this.height and resize the browser window (hence changing this.width and this.height respectively), the borders will change position and size -


      This is a visual element I could really do without, anyone know whats causing them to appear?