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    How to Reload a module when state changes

    Raghuvasa Level 1

      Hi All,


             How to reload a module while changing the state.


      I am having two modules like below shown


              <s:State name="newtestScreen" />
              <s:State name="testsListScreen" />
          <mx:ModuleLoader id="newTestModule" name="newTestModule" includeIn="newtestScreen"  url="newTest.swf" />

          <mx:ModuleLoader id="listTestsModule" name="listTestsModule" includeIn="testsListScreen" url="showTests.swf" />


      Initally i am loading application with the state newtestScreen. Next i am changing the state to testsListScreen.


      Again I come back to newtestScreen its just changing the screen with old values. it is not reloading again.


      How can i do that.


      Thanks in advanvce