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    Time taking for application Launching


      I have created air native installer application for windows.I have added some data( size 81.6 MB) to application directory of application and created package together with my data.But when i try to install and run application it takes too much time to get opened.In that time i neeed to show busy cursor so that user get the feel that application is proccessing and should wait sometime. i have tried preloader function but couldnot get a solution. how can i solve this problem ??(I need data in application directory can't avoid that)...

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          What is installing the extra data, your application or the native installer?  If it is the application, be aware that with Vista and Windows 7 you will run into permission issues if you attempt to write to a subfolder of Program Files.  Are you having problems showing the busy cursor?  Any additional info would be helpful.