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    Update Failed...Error: 1200

    Altoid666 Level 1

      When I open Help on Adobe Reader 10.1 to check for updates I get the following error message...

      "Update Failed"

      To update Adobe Reader you need Administrative Privledges on this machine.

      Error: 1200

      I am the only user of this machine and have full Admin Privledges.

      How can I correct this?



      Lenovo T61p Laptop IE9

      Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

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          Altoid666 Level 1


          I've answered my own question.

          Go to Programs>

          Right Click Adobe Reader>

          Click run as administrator>

          Approve the UAC.

          Now help>

          check for updates works properly.



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            PankhriS Level 2



            Yes running reader as Administrator will solve your porblem but this behavior also needs to be checked.

            Can you check the value of registry key : EnableLUA  in the registry below on those systems where Updater failed-


            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ System


            What other product did you install before installing Adobe Reader 10.1.