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    Ronny Fischer

      Hi @ all,


      we have bulit a Desktop application with Air 2 and Air bundle installer.

      The Application includes a asset folder with different data.


      Now we want to produce a networkapplication of this for institutes/schools with following specs:

      • Admin installs the application on clients
      • Admin copies the assets on fileserver (1.6 GB)
      • Students start apllication on clients


      Problem is that clients have to find the path to the assets on fileserver.


      The only way i know ist that every user on client selects the path to the assets via Filebrowser when app ist started first time and app saves the path in locel user data or shared object. But if user changes the client he has to select the path every time.


      Other way could be that administrator installs the app including all assets on server and students start it via desktop shortcut. But i don't know if adobe licence allows this way of using AIR apps. On the other hand if you have Macs and PCs as clients, you have to mace 2 installations, but this should be no problem for the admin.


      Has anyone some ideas for one of the above discribed ways or any other idea?

      I would appreciate every tip or idea.


      Thanks a lot