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    big picture - conceptual guidance

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      As a newbie buying CS5 Web Premium I started using Flash Catalyst first. I initially found Catalyst was more useful to me as I am more interested in Flash use for web design. I tried out all the main features and loved it. However, there are some things that FC just will not do and so I need to develop my knowledge of Flash Pro.


      Here's the thing I need guidance on. I find the Page/States so easy to grasp. They are excellent for tranistions and make designing web pages/sites so much easier, that concept is simple and fluid to me. What I fail to grasp is how one would operate in Flash Pro - in a similar way. I apreciate the Timeline use in Flash Pro for animation but Animation is not my thing. I will make more use of the 'website interaction' stuff that Flash is capable of.


      So I guess the 'big picture' question is this - How does one use Flash Pro in a kind of Page/States way ?


      Does one use grouped layers instead of page/states - or - does one use key frames instead of Page/States ?


      Before I start designing, I really want to grasp the concept of operating in Flash Pro to produce websites so I have the foundation set in my mind.


      I hope I got the issue across - I fear I have not communicated this very well but hopefully, someone out there will understand.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a number of different ways to approach a web site design in Flash, and all kinds of variations among them and in combining them since each can serve a useful purpose.  You can use the timeline to isolate separate sections, or you can use movieclips to contain them and manage their visibility, or you can have your sections as separate swf files (or library content) that get loaded dynamically, or you can have content that is created entirely dynamically using internal/external data resources.


          I'd say rather than picking one to follow, learn them all since they all offer certain features that prove useful under varying circumstances.

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            k3dj Level 1

            Are there are books on the market that you would recommend Ned ?