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    swf dynamic text turns from horizontal to vertical when published


      I've got a two year old site (ww.pantelco.be/coaching.html) and something odd happened today. I had to change something in the fla, tested the swf and uploaded it to the server. When I test the swf in flash or just open it manually, all is fine, texts are okay.

      But whenever it's in a htmlpage (using swfobject), all the multiline textfields turn from horizontal to vertical expanding text, so a large column of 1 character.

      Even my backup site acts the same way. It's driving me crazy. And my client.


      I installed a couple of new browsers a couple of days ago, and I remember I had to update my flashplayer. Maybe thsi is relevant? I just don't know.

      Texts are loaded through xmls - well, they load alright, but they don't show up the right way.



      Thanks in advance