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    When changing computers...?

    Sally_C Level 1

      Next week I will be getting a new computer which also will involve moving from Vista to Win7 Pro.   I'm wondering if there are any suggestions as to which files I can transfer over (besides the site files) to make this easier. I'm not sure if I can copy an extentions folder or if I need to reinstall them, or any other folders that might be transferable. 


      I only have CS5 installed on my Vista computer so I believe I'm fine to also install it on W7P in case I need to go back and grab something. I will still have my old pc.


      If you could provide locations to the folders that would be awesome, but even just an idea of what can be copied over would be helpful.   I'm planing on exporting my site configurations so I can just import them with the site, but anything else related to moving my DW CS5 files would be great.