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    problem with button event scripting

      'm building a Flash presentation that will stop at intermediate spots to allow the presenter to explain the material presented, and then be able to continue to the next area by clicking either the mouse or the space bar. I can get the movie to stop, but having trouble restarting it. To qualify, I'm very new to using ActionScript and sure its something minor I'm overlooking.

      I created a "events" layer to place the actionscript code. I created a button that encompasses the entire screen and set the alpha transparency to 0%. The following code is then on it:

      on (release, keyPress "<Space>") {

      After reviewing the chapter on Events in the O'Reilly ActionScript book, I'm wondering if I can even use the "play" function in the "on" event handler. Can anyone clarify this for me, and if I can't use it, any suggestions on what can be used to accomplish what I need to happen?