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    Flash player 10.3.183 Warning: Failed to parse corrupt data.


      Hi everyone,


      I'm so confused!  The flash app I'm stuck working on is in AS2 and was developed for Flash Player 9.  It has worked up until the latest release of player v10.3.183.  Even though nothing has changed in the code I am now getting the following:


      Warning: Failed to parse corrupt data.


      I'm also getting the following even though I have not defined SetSetting or GetSetting.  I'm assuming they must be system methods


      Warning: SetSetting is not a function

      Warning: GetSetting is not a function

      I would show you code where this breaks but I can't even do that.  I've installed a flash debug player for IE but it won't work like the v9 debugger worked.  When debugging the debug window opens and it's just blank .. nothing else.  I press the green arrow to continue and nothing happens .. it just sits there.  So I am totally stuck.
      Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer.