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    Need help with languages issue in iOS app created in Flash Pro CS5.5


      Hello all,


      I'm using Flash Pro CS5.5 on a Mac running Snow Leopard to create an iOS app by publishing with 'AIR for iOS' from inside Flash Pro. Everything works great except after I submit my app to the Apple App Store and it is approved, the App Store listing claims that the app is available in a ton of different languages including English, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, etc. Since this app is a word game and all the words are in English, this is a pretty significant issue.


      If I view the binary details for the app in iTunes Connect, it shows that localizations are active for all of the different languages. This information is read from the .ipa file that is submitted.


      If I unzip the .ipa file, I can see that folders have been created for all of the localizations (i.e. en.lproj, es.lproj, fr.lproj, etc.). If I delete any of those folders, the .ipa will give me a 'resources modified' error at install.


      I have also tried setting the plist attribute 'CFBundleLocalizations' to 'English' by editing the 'app.xml'. I have verified that the attribute has been changed correctly but it does not solve the issue. All of the localizations are still active.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.