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    Incorrect Mime Value

      Several of my website visitors, using a file upload script that limits it to gif, jpg, txt, rtf or pdf, tell me they are uploading PDF files made with an adobe product in some cases, and an online PDF generator (which works fine for me) in another, but my server keeps rejecting them.

      I have both image/pdf and application/pdf in my allowed mimetypes in the cffile tag. The upload on everything else works fine. On PDF, it seems to work "sometimes" -- and not others! Like if they try 6 times it might go through the last time; sometimes it goes right through; others there is no getting it to work.

      When it reads their mime type and rejects it, the error says it reads the MIME as:


      This makes no sense to me. Of course, although it may be their offbeat problem, the fact that there is more than one of them, and my site exists to serve, makes it my problem, and it's embarrassing that I have no idea how to solve it or why it happens.

      Does anybody have suggestions for what I can do to get their pdf files uploaded that does NOT involve taking off the MIME limitations of my cffile tag, or putting that application/download as a mime type which would be nearly the same thing? I want to solve it, but not at the expense of losing my whole site to malicious files.

      (I did search on this but didn't find an answer to this specific question.)

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.