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    Issue Setting IFlexDisplayObject


      I have obtained code for a slider that I have placed within a component. This  component is to display after a button is pressed. Once the button is pressed,  nothing shows. I have tracked the issue down to the following area:


      private function createBackgroundTrack():void


      if (!track)


      var trackSkinClass:Class = getStyle("trackSkin");

      /////////////After this point the component  bombs out ////////

      track = new trackSkinClass();

      if (track is ISimpleStyleClient)

      ISimpleStyleClient(track).styleName = this;





      I assume that trackSkinClass is undefined even though the  trackSkin skin and track are defined in their proper places as such:


      [Style(name="trackSkin",  type="Class", inherit="no")]

      private var track:IFlexDisplayObject;


      Within the code, there are multiple other instances of  IFlexDisplayObjects not properly getting skinned by a Class. I am inexperienced  with Flex and am not sure where to go next. Am I missing something?