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    RAM purging previous clip previews AE CS5.5

    Julien Deka

      Hi everyone,


      I'll try to make this clear, using a simple exemple.


      Lets say I have 5 clips in my Comp (coming from a Premiere Pro CS5.5 project): they all cut when start the other, like a simple linear editing. The result being a nice "staircase".


      Lets call this 5 clips: clip 1, clip 2, clip 3... and so on...


      I apply some color effect on each ot them.


      I RAM preview the entire comp and now I can see a full preview of my edit, color corrected.


      If I go to clip 3 and do any modification (changing position for exemple), I lost all the RAM preview on all previous clips: clip 1 and 2 (as well as clip 3 of course). The green bare of the RAM previous stays okay on the clips that are after (clip 4 and 5).



      I think it's weird: in CS5 (and previous version) you were only loosing the parts that were involved in the modification... not everything that occurs before in the timeline.


      I don't know if I have a bad setting somewhere, but I didn't find any info on that on the Internet.


      I have 8 GB RAM installed, and 3 reserved for other applications... I'm not using the Multiprocessing as it makes my project auto-save every time I RAM preview and also do tones of stuff before to actually start to generat the preview... So I'm loosing to much time with Multiprocessing.


      Does anyone knows if there is a place I can set the RAM preview to not purge itself for all previous clip when I'm doing a modification in a middle of something that was RAM previewed.


      Thanks in advance



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          Julien Deka Level 1

          Surprisely, no one respond to this question...


          I'm working on another computer, on another continant, on the licence of someone else... Same thing. So I'm assuming, this is the way AE CS5.5 works...


          I wonder why? Why it was possible to keep the preview of all unchanged elements in a comp (back in the previous version of the software), and now it purges everything that is before the part you modifie in the timeline?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Maybe that post just slipped because on the day nobody was around. Just happens. Your issue is per se not the intended behavior, but consider, that the entire cahcing system has chnaged in CS5.5. You know, the disk cache being on by default and it caching more frames and all that stuff. This may be perfectly normal - if it thinks it can play the frames at sufficient speed from disk, they get kicked from RAM. Also the actual caching would depend on what effects you use, whether OpenGL is used, MP is on and so on. The result is pretty much the same: Whenever the program thinks playing the frames from disk or rendering them in realtime e.g. using the graphics card, it frees up RAM and eitehr relegates the frames to the disk cache or dismisses them entirely. Unless you can be more specific about what you expect, what files and effects you work with and whether the points I explained in some way do not work and it's hampering your workflow, I'd consider everything normal...